Welcome to the FSP House Site. This site is a Big Ass What If site on what I would expect or seek to do in a house. All of the features here are reasonably available, and sustainable. The idea behind these features is that by being sustainable, it is an economical as well as an environmental sensibility. If the amount of electricity is reduced, than that is a lower electrical bill.

Most likely, if I was to have a house, it will likely be a house that has already been constructed (as opposed to my Home), and likely to need a bit of work done. As these renovations will likely mean that there will be less cost in removing legacy items to replace with standards.

There will be some conditions to any house I will look into (provided that I had the resource). This will be as follows from most important to least.

  • Reasonably Safe Neighborhood or area
  • Structurally sound building
  • Close to bus line I have confidence in
  • A back yard of at least 400 square feet (49 square meters)
  • Basement with full height ceilings

Obviously some of these items should go without saying. This will include the safe neighborhood, and structural integrity. I will need to be close to a bus line I will have confidence in. Last thing I will want to do is own a house, and the bus disappears making the house more of a prison than a home. A back yard for my dog will be essential, and if I own a house, I will definitely have a dog. The basement with full height ceilings will function to hold many of the resources for the house, as well as provide an extra storage space.