Networking will start in the Communications Closet. In this closet, access to the Internet, Cable TV, and Antenna television will be connected. All networking lines will be Cat-7 cable and will terminate as an RJ45-10GBPS. Each line will connect to a network switch via a patch panel. In addition, there will be a WiFi-6 Access Point on each floor. These access points will be ceiling mounted, and will get electricity through POE (Power Over Ethernet). From the switch, the network will connect to a rackmount 2U server which will function as a network server. One could think of this server as a router on steroids.

There will be no telephone lines. The reason for this is with some adjustment in the communications closet, any RJ45 jack can take the place of a POTS landline telephone line. In addition, the landline phone lines are provided by Ooma which is a VOIP service provider. This concept eliminates obsolesce, and legacy connections.