Communications Closet

The communications closet is where all of the RJ45 lines runs to. It is also where all of the Wifi Access Points run to. Every line will go to a patch panel which means no messing with the wires in the walls. The connections will go to the patch panel, and from there, cables will go to the switch. The switch chosen is POE (Power Over Ethernet) supported which is especially valuable for the access points.

From the switch, there are connections to servers – all of which are important, but rarely thought about. The first server is a Plex media server which will hold all of the owned movies, and TV shows. Any smart TV supporting Plex will be able to use this server. In addition, a television recorder will be installed, and will interconnect with the Plex server.

Next is the NAS (Network Attached Storage). A 3U server will be installed, and as many hard drives as possible will be installed. The system will run a NAS server which will store all of the files that are backed up to the system. This will assure that all of the private backups will be hosted in a secured system without having to rely on external services to get things working.

Next is the network server. This will be what would be thought of as a router. The server will have a firewall intended to block ads, and malicious sites. There will be a RADIUS server which will connect residents of the house in a samplified profile system. For example, a child group can place every child on the group, and block adult websites. Guest will log into a general guest network, and give them the most restricted profile.