The house will be wired with NMB sheathing wires. All outlets will be US 3 prong with the exception of the appliances which will have a higher voltage connections. All light switches will be slider switches which will control the light intensity or speed of the fans. The space will have a large ceiling fan with a chandelier light that would provide light and cooling for the space. The electrical will also be needed for temperature control, and the Snow Melt System. In addition, the garage will have a vehicle charging port for recharging electric vehicles.

The house will have 2 battery banks. One bank will always remain full to provide electricity to the house when there is no electrical grid power available. The roof will have solar panels which will charge the banks, then send any excess to the grid. This will turn the meter backwards (legally), and as long as the house’s meter is always 0 or less in kwh, that is all that matters.