Fire Control

All smoke detectors will be Nest Protect Smoke Detectors. They will also be linked, so if there was a fire in the kitchen, then not only will the kitchen’s detector sound off, but so will all of the other ones. All smoke detectors will be grid connected, and wired into the house’s wiring.

In addition to the smoke detectors, there will be a fire sprinkler system. This is intended to act as a first line of battle to the fire before the fire company can come in. If the house’s sprinkler system took out the fire, then the fire company will make sure there are no smoldering hot spots, and then I can come in, and make plans for repairs.

Next, every floor will have a fire extinguisher. This will assure that fire control can be an option even before the sprinkler system takes effect. This will hopefully remove the need for a sprinkler, and therefore minimize the damage.