Home Office

The home office will have a desk which will have a monitor, USB keyboard, and USB mouse. There will also be a notebook carriage to allow the person to place their notebook in the carriage, and connect one cable to link up the monitor, and accessories. This will allow the user to have their own system, and the peripherals for the system. There will also be USB ports for connecting external storage, and specialized hardware. When the person is finished, they will simply unplug one cable and take their system with them.

The networked printers will be accessible to anyone on the appropriate home network. One printer is exclusively used for printing 8.5″×11″ paper, and another printer for class 10 envelopes. The ATA for the telephone and printer’s fax capabilities will also be in the home office. There will be a telephone for the home line in the living room of the house as well.

The home office will also have a lavatory which will allow the user to defecate while not having to go to another floor to do so.